Reportage Vidéo: L’Américaine Jennifer Weed Thompson Professeur de Mathématiques mais aussi meilleure athlète du Monde au Développé Couché


Jennifer Weed Thompson est une professeur de mathématiques mais elle est aussi Championne du Monde, Recordwoman du Monde et meilleure Athlète du Monde au Développé Couché.

La suite en anglais:

Fantastic clip on our Champion – Jennifer Weed Thompson !
World Champion, World Record Holder and Best Raw Bench Press on Wilks in the World! Congratulations Jen you are an IPF Super Star and we are so proud of you!

DENVER, N.C. — Weight training started at an early age for Jennifer Thompson.

“I was probably 19, 20, something like that,” Thompson said.

It’s gone hand in hand with her job as a teacher at Lincoln Charter School.

“What you’re warming up with, what you’re lifting with,” Thompson said, “There’s a lot of math going on there.”

It’s not algebra or geometry, but her workouts take some serious calculating.

“Next set I’d do for five reps, so I’d find 95% of that,” Thompson said.

She says her ninth-grade students love it.

“They’re constantly asking me to pick things up and arm wrestle them,” Thompson said. “All the time.”

She’s used her lifting story as a way to motivate them in math.

“Anybody can get good at something if they try hard enough,” Thompson said. “And so I guess that’s kind of where both worlds come together.”

Because Thompson is much more than she appears to be.

“Pound for pound, I do have the best bench out of men and women in the whole world,” Thompson said.

She just broke two world records at the World Powerlifting Championships in Finland last weekend.

“Sort of seems like they’re talking about somebody else, not me,” Thompson said.

Her training is intense, but arguably the strongest woman in the world never stops teaching.

“I want them to understand that to achieve you have to work hard,” Thompson said.

Her trophy room might be all the proof her students need. Thompson’s bench press record was 310 pounds and her dead-lift record was 436 pounds. She herself weighs around 130.


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